Robert Sinskey Orgia

Robert Sinskey Orgia

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From the winemaker:

“A true, enlightened Pinot Gris!” This is how a renowned expert on Italian wines once described Orgia. He believed that all Pinot Gris should include some skin contact to extract natural color and flavor from the skins.

The 2015 vintage of Orgia introduces itself with a shimmering copper hue and focused, vibrant aromas of fresh citrus, stone fruit, tarragon and white flowers. A first sip evokes an image of a juicy nectarine, eaten straight from the tree on a cool, crisp morning. As the wine’s slate-like texture titillates the tongue, clean flavors of citrus zest, chamomile tea and almond bring it home with a lengthy finish. Orgia is an enlightened wine of intrigue that satisfies with its complexity and almost limitless potential at the table.

Current vintage: 2015