Lowerland Tolbos Tannat

Lowerland Tolbos Tannat

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A superb example of the fruitful collaboration between meticulous grower Bertie Coetzee and one of South Africa's superstar winemakers, Lukas van Loggerenberg.

Perfume character with the red and black berry aromas, with spicy notes that follow through to the palate with well balanced, soft and rounded tannins – unexpected in a young Tannat. Black fruit followed by tobacco leaf. This vintage shows great tension on the palate; complex flavours supported by a freshness singular to the Prieska terroir.

Just a truly superb wine - 4 stars from Platter and a string of 90+ reviews, but most importantly, a full, rich and satisfying red wine. Head to the butchers, pick up the most delicious looking, beautifully marbled piece of beef, char the outside, keep the middle nice and rare then pull the cork out of this and enjoy. Nothing else needed.