Dopff au Moulin Cremant d'Alsace Cuvee Julien

Dopff au Moulin Cremant d'Alsace Cuvee Julien

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Cremant d'Alsace is one of those wonderful hidden gems - and surprisingly good value given the going rate for the region's table wines. Produced in the same manner as Champagne, using secondary fermentation in the bottle to create the 'fizz', these wines are bright and lively, perfect for 'un moment festif!'

Dopff au Moulin's Cuvee Julien is aged on the lees (in the bottle) for 24 months following a fermentation that takes place in stainless steel and glass tanks - ensuring that the lively fruit of the Auxerrois and Pinot Blanc grapes are front and centre. The winery has a strict limit of 100 litres of juice per 150kg of grapes, ensuring that only the best quality juices are used. As an aside, it's a little known fact that 'cheap' Champagne (and I use that word in place of good-value very specifically) is often made from fourth or fifth pressings, which are used to eek out every last bit of poor quality liquid - no such practices here!

The result is a dry and elegant Crémant, showing hints of quince and white flowers, with fine bubbles and good length and weight.