About Us

Phoenix Wines is an independent, family-owned wine merchants based in the Cotswolds. 

Simon Griffiths
Following an all-too brief stint in the Royal Navy, Simon spent a number of years exploring the universities of the south west studying everything from nuclear proliferation and maritime doctrine to the efficacy of various fertilisers... Whilst studying at the Royal Agricultural College, Simon's interest in both wine and viticulture increased, leading him into the wine industry. When the shop he had previously been managing closed, he set about bringing his own wine merchants to heart of the Cotswolds.

Mike Hobday
Affectionately known as 'lackey number one' (a job-title he conferred on himself), Mike is our 'Sunday boy' - also our Monday man and in-store most Saturdays. After a lifetime of polo playing, umpiring and coaching, a particularly cold winter led to a decision to focus on alcohol... and with that he made the leap to the wine merchant world, took his WSET exams and now brings his enthusiasm to our shop each week.