Richemer Merlot 3L Bag-in-Box

Richemer Merlot 3L Bag-in-Box

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A rather delicious and great value Merlot from the Richemer co-operative winery. A Gold Medal Winner at the coveted Concours General Paris, this is definitely a surprise for people with 'British' expectations of a bag-in-box wine. A great wine, with the added convenience of the bag-in-box format (it lasts for weeks once opened). The French love this convenience, and have thankfully never been put off the format by the utterly dire bulk wines that were forced onto the UK market in the 1990s...

Anyway, the wine itself. Nicely balanced, with classic Merlot notes of plums alongside bramble-fruit and just a hint of spice. Unoaked, this is given structure to support the ripe fruit with some taut tannins and good acidity. Altogether, some damn good wine, perfect with grilled meats and pasta dishes.

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