Red Case of the Month: July & August

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Our red case of the month - which covers both July & August in this instance - contains two each of the following wines:
  • Black Elephant Vintners ‘Nicholas Red’ (Franschoek, South Africa)
    • A silky smooth Rhone/southern French blend from South Africa. Bright red berry fruit with a savoury balance of Mediterranean herbs. A real winner from producers that love their music.
  • Dal Zotto Sangiovese (King Valley, Australia)
    • This wine still retains the classic Sangiovese cherry backbone that makes it so food-friendly, but with a slightly deeper balance of dark fruit, making it supremely drinkable.
  • Budureasca Feteasca Neagra (Romania)
    • A balanced medium-bodied red produced by one of the leading wineries in Romania. A very light ageing in oak has given balance and a touch of complexity to this aromatic wine which has abundant black plums and bramble fruit on the palate along with spice notes.

We aren't offering a stand-alone August offering for two reasons - I was late out with the July case of the month (sorry to those who wait with baited breath each month), and we will also be switching tack temporarily, as I have a couple of great English wine selections which we will be offering as we celebrate our (unofficial) English Wine Month throughout August.