Chateau Maledan Blanc

Chateau Maledan Blanc

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The first ever vintage of Chateau Maledan Blanc is a real treat! Only 1500 bottles were produced, and the wines were available on a strict allocation basis (we managed to get hold 60 bottles - so if you try it and like it, act quick!)

Bordeaux Sav Blanc is a different beast to those found in the Loire and New Zealand, it is rich and heady in the mouth, producing a full mouth feel and exceptional length. It still has the varietal's characteristic freshness and zesty character, just in a much more grown-up package.

Current Vintage: 2019

As the vines age and yields increase (along with a greater proportion of the fruit meeting the high standards of the Brunot family) the allocations should increase... never-the-less, this will never be produced in huge quantities, it's a special project by a family who love their wine as much as anyone.